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Some people in Long Beach, Downtown occasionally forget to disengage their emergency brake before starting to drive off. After that it seems like it never has the same strength after that. So for those that did forget here’s some great info about your emergency brake /parking brake. First, why do some vehicles have a parking brake, and some have an emergency brake and now more vehicles are coming even coming out with an electronic brake? Also does Orozco’s Auto Service of Long Beach, Downtown repair or inspect them when I go in for service? Lastly why does my emergency / parking brake seem less effective over time?

Depending on the manufacturer of your vehicle the emergency brake and parking brake are essentially the same thing. This component of your vehicle has to perform two distinct operations. It needs to be able to hold on an incline, and be able to stop your vehicle within a specific distance if the primary brakes fail. Second, absolutely, Orozco’s Auto Service will inspect and suggest any repairs necessary to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive when you stop in for any service.

Whether it’s an older vehicle or new one, all vehicles have at least two brake systems. The “service brake” is your main braking system, this is the one that activates when you press the brake pedal. A booster called the “brake cylinder” amplifies the force, sending hydraulic pressure to the brakes at each wheel. The secondary brake system the parking / emergency brake is independent of the primary brake system, controlled by by levers or cables.

Over time or when you forget to disengage the e-brake as it’s also sometimes referred to, the secondary brake system’s cables can become stretched out, which creates slack that increases the lever or pedal to completely secure your vehicle. If all the adjustments are maxed out, the cable will need to be replaced. This isn’t something just any weekend auto repair warrior should perform on their own. Brakes are an important component of your vehicle’s safety system and should only be worked on by a certified ASE mechanic, like the ones at Orozco’s Auto Service.

Lastly, a growing number of vehicles are equipped with an electronic parking brake that automatically engages the parking brake when the transmission is shifted into park or a lever or button is pressed. This system is very efficient because it can reduce the length of the cable or eliminate cable all together. Some systems even have a built in program that self adjusts slack in the system that runs at regular intervals.

If you believe your vehicle’s parking brake or brake system needs service or are not sure and would like to have your brakes inspected, call Orozco’s Auto Service of Long Beach, Downtown today at 562-426-6322. Remember to always keep your vehicle in good condition and ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and those around you!


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