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Looking For Headlight Repair

Headlight Repair

Long Beach, Downtown Headlight Repair

Headlight Repair has gone a long way over the past few years and so has headlight technology. Headlights, can also be referred to as headlamps, and they come in a variety of types from classic sealed beams to modern halogen lights, xenon and even LED bulbs.

A good set of headlights can really make the difference in hazardous weather. With a wide but focused beam of light they can save lives of you, your passengers from or wayward oncoming traffic. Most older vehicles had to settle for dull and discolored headlights and quote often out of adjustments. Now we can choose from the brightest white light or a 7-color RGB DRL Bar headlight for off-road vehicles, virtually erasing darkness.

Today’s cars and trucks use standard or halogen bulbs, which are much brighter. HID lights use a high-intensity discharge to create white light for much safer driving conditions at night. You can also upgrade to LED bulbs. They cost more, but their powerful brightness makes driving at night safer and more comfortable.

Finding the right replacement bulbs for your vehicle is crucial to a safe ride and maintaining visibility. Like many products out there, not all headlights are the same. So you should always refer to your owner’s manual for the specific bulbs you may need. Do you need a whole replacement headlight assembly or do you have an H4 conversion and only need to find a headlight compatible with your housing. Replacing some bulbs requires dismantling components under the hood. Sometimes an electric relay may be burnt out and prevents electrical power from reaching the headlights. If this seems a bit overwhelming feel free to visit Orozco’s Auto Service of Long Beach, Downtown our ASE certified technicians have the tools and the know how to install the right light the first time.

Acrylic headlights lenses info
When exposed to UV light acrylic (a type of plastic) headlights will oxidize. This is due to the fact that headlight lenses are manufactured with a clear top coat to help prevent the oxidization. But like most things, eventually that coating will wear off. In time direct sunlight yellows the hard plastic. Visit Orozco’s Auto Service and our ASE certified technicians can make them look new again with special cleaners and polishes, and a hard protective finish. In most cases it’s much less expensive than having the lenses replaced.

Below is a list of a variety of available headlights products

LED HEADLIGHTS – Activate with a speed that almost makes them almost automatic headlights. small and compact, but unfortunately get very hot and need expensive components to make them fully efficient.

HID HEADLIGHTS (XENON HEADLIGHTS) – high-intensity headlights give the most visibility to the driver. After filling a glass tube with Xenon gas, an arc of electric current is run through the bulb to produce incredibly hot plasma-filled white-blue lights.

REFLECTOR HEADLIGHTS – These are the oldest of the bunch and were often considered dull stock headlights.

PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS – Once only found in European performance cars, but today they are common.

H4 CONVERSIONS – The most accessible aftermarket upgrade the average driver can make to their driving lights.

HALOGEN HEADLIGHTS – Combine two gasses to create a more efficient lighting environment than old-school filament bulbs.

Even though your headlights are the most prominent lights on your vehicle there are also many other important lights. Brake lights, turn-signal lights, back-up lights, license-plate lights, fog lights, and more. With so many lights regular inspections should always be a regular part of your vehicles maintenance schedule. Additionally, Highway Safety Codes designate headlights and other automotive lights as part of your vehicle’s safety equipment. So, you can avoid a fine by ensuring that all your lights are working properly.

If you’re concerned about any of your vehicles lights or you would like to upgrade any of your lights contact Orozco’s Auto Service of Long Beach, Downtown today at 562-426-6322. Remember to always keep your vehicle in good condition and ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and those around you!


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