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Long Beach Radiator Repair: Need To Know Info

Long Beach Radiator Repair

Long Beach Downtown Radiator Repair

Why is it that whenever there’s a car chase in a movie that the car being chased seem to always overheat signaled by a stream of steam coming from under the hood? This is generally a sign that the vehicle has a damaged radiator due to being shot or pushing the vehicle past it’s limits. As we all know, that’s just a movie. The reality about radiators is they can be a fragile component of your engine, and if not properly monitored and maintained it can fail and lead to additional costly engine repair. If you see steam coming from the radiator it is an indicator just like in the movies that your radiator has not been able to do it’s job and it can quickly lead to additional costly repairs if you continue driving.

The radiator is one of the elements of your vehicle’s cooling system, and if there’s a problem with it, the extremely high temperature of your engine running will cause your vehicle to overheat and likely and if ignored for even a short period of time will fail. Additionally, your radiator prevents overheating by cooling the fluid that flows throughout your engine to dissipates engine heat.

Orozco’s Auto Service of Long Beach Downtown provides quality radiator repair and service. We can fix many types of leaks, radiator hoses, even replace with a new radiator from our 1,000’s of in-stock radiators. Occasionally you may notice water or a bright green or red colored antifreeze leaking under the vehicle this may mean there is a leak in either the radiator, the water pump, the thermostat, or one of the hoses.

Replacing the thermostat or repairing hoses is usually a fairly simple job and shouldn’t be too expensive. On the other hand repairing a radiator or water pump can be a bit more tricky depending on their location. Water pumps usually need to be replaced opposed to repaired. Radiators can be either repaired or replaced depending on the damage and area of the damage. There are sometimes instances where the radiator can be repaired, but the repair will not last and you should be cautious and get it replace as soon as possible.

Our ASE certified auto technicians have been repairing cooling systems and radiators for years. We have seen almost everything when it comes to cooling systems radiator repair. We work on all makes and models and hope you will stop by and give us the opportunity to earn your business.

Orozco’s Auto Service of Long Beach Downtown offers many services and repairs for your vehicle by our ASE certified mechanics. We will get the job done right at an affordable and competitive price. Give us a call today at 562-426-6322 or come by for a free estimate and find out why more people choose Orozco’s Auto Service for radiator repair and services.


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