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Easy To Read Info About Coil Spring Repair!

Coil Spring Repair

Long Beach Coil Spring Repair

The coil spring is commonly on most modern vehicles, generally smaller vehicles like sedans. Coil spring have a helical appearance and goes around the struts or shocks. Although, on some vehicles, they are mounted individually.

Coil springs come in soft or hard variations, depending their use. As for example, if they are used on a heavy vehicle, the coil spring will be hard to offer maximum support for the large weight. Coil springs go to each wheel, forming a central compression zone. This comes in handy for a smooth Long Beach ride.

Coil springs have been around since the early 1900s, they’re prominence shot up during the ’70s with the change in automobile technology. Today’s springs have many applications due to their versatility. You find them on everything from standard sedans, to sports cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks.

The coil springs function is to support the vehicle at a desired height, to maintain alignment angles and to help absorb road shock transmitted through the tires and shock absorbers.

Continual flexing during normal use will gradually weakens your vehicles suspension system, which in turn allows the car to sag. Once this sag becomes pronounced, the entire vehicle is affected. Steering components are out of position, altering steering linkage geometry. The good new is what has been lost from the original coil spring can be completely repaired by installation of new set of coil springs. This will get your vehicle back to it’s factory correct height.

When to have your springs inspected and or replaced?

We recommend having your vehicles’ coil springs inspected at regular intervals along with your entire suspension system that can include struts, shocks, sway bar links, bushings and more. A quick visual inspection will detect any obvious sag from front to rear or from side to side. Upon visual inspection under your vehicle, we will look for the two ends of the control arms out of level, damaged or worn rubber bumpers and shiny or worn spring coils. All this can indicate weak coil springs. If you also live or often drive your vehicle in a colder climate where roads are often salted in winter weather, you should consider having your steering and suspension system checked more often due o the fact that salt can cause speed up your spring corrosion.


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