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When To Replace Spark Plugs

Replace Spark Plugs



Replace Spark Plugs

Not a lot of people in Long Beach, Downtown are aware of how important their spark plugs are. They are the spark that powers your vehicle’s engine to run and when they begin to wear out it affect’s your entire vehicle. Some of these signs that your spark plugs are fading is your car or truck feels a bit sluggish or your mileage isn’t what it used to be and then you remember in the morning when you started your vehicle it took a few attempts. If your vehicle is showing any of these signs, it may be time to replace spark plugs. And if ignored for to long you may not be able to start your vehicle and the worst expected time. At Orozco’s Auto Service of Long Beach, Downtown our certified ASE mechanics are more than qualified to determine if these problems are indeed a spark plugs issue.

Many people may not be aware of what exactly a spark plug is. Simple put- it’s a fairly basic component with no moving parts, it’s an insulator and a central conductor. Spark plugs are specified by their size, specifically by nut or thread, sealing type and spark gap. The majority of today’s vehicles have a 14-mm thread; older vehicles had used 18-mm or 7/8-inch (approximately 22-mm) ones. Thread length varies as well, depending on the vehicle manufacturer and type of engine. The sealing type or seat is where the plug mates to the head. It can be flat or tapered again, depending on the manufacturer and engine type. Additionally, the amount of torque applied during installation ensures a secure fit. Typically, there is one plug for each cylinder, but there are exceptions. For example, the V8 Hemi engines used in various Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler products have 16 plugs, two per cylinder.

These days, spark plugs have a much longer life than say vehicles in the last millennium, with some lasting as much as 100,000 miles. Additionally, many years ago most vehicles required a tune-up once a year to replace spark plugs and adjust points. Unfortunately, even with today’s high-tech spark plugs they do still wear out, and if you’re finding it difficult to start your vehicle, it could mean that your spark plugs have met the end of their life. Some visual clues may also reveal a bad spark plug. If you remove the plug from the cylinder and notice that the end has a burned or sandy looking deposits accumulated on the outer electrode, then it’s time to replace them. In a worst-case scenario, a wet accumulation of oil on the electrode may indicate not only that the spark plug is bad but also that there’s significant engine problem with oil leaking into the cylinders.

Other troubling signs may include a rough idle, engine misfire or surge, weak acceleration or a spike in fuel consumption. In some vehicles the “check engine” light may come on. Feel free to visit Orozco’s Auto Service to have your vehicle’s check engine light diagnosed.

Changing spark plugs is a key part of keeping your engine in good working order. Be sure to get yours replaced at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals to ensure peak engine performance. You can find this information in your vehicles user manual. If you feel your vehicle may need new spark plugs or would like to have your vehicle diagnosed contact Orozco’s Auto Service of Long Beach, Downtown today at 562-426-6322. Remember to always keep your vehicle in good running condition and ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and those around you!


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